Series Statement – TOUCHING HEAVEN


In the aftermath of my near death experience, I unconsciously longed for the safety and nurturing of Heaven. I now understand that all my life I have been seeking Heaven on Earth—to be able to touch Heaven.


In this series my challenge is to discover ways to capture on film the subtle essence of Heaven. The first image (Flow) that had inspired me to pursue this idea was accidentally extremely overexposed–yielding a very light, delicate impression of what felt, to me, like Heaven.


I have been seeking inner peace by genuine introspection in order to gently “correct my own heart” in a spiritual way.


I strive to rid myself of selfishness, to find gratitude for all things, to have compassion for everyone, and to see beauty in everything and every situation. My goal is to find flow in my life by being considerate of and kind to others. My purpose in life is to give hope to others and help them to see the “ultimate beauty in life”.


I long to be a part of a “wave of human kindness” on Earth in order to touch the dazzling Light of Heaven.




 This series is in the development phase. The image poems do not yet exist.