Series Statement – STAGES OF HEALING


This work is a self-portrait series of panoramic internal landscapes that explore the psychological effects of the complicated, chaotic beginning of my life, and my progress to healing and spiritual discovery.



This series was prompted by the suggestion that I may have missed the crawling developmental stage as an infant. I found a therapist that taught The Five Stages of Healing which meant that I would creep and crawl around on the floor of my living room as part of the therapy.


This activity inspired me to photograph myself in my living room from a baby’s point-of-view.  I chose a plastic Holga camera and accidentally overlapped some of the images on that very first roll of film. Thus my approach and process were determined for this series—actually long before I obtained any conscious knowledge of my early childhood treatment.


Method and Influences

To create the photographs of this series, I deliberately overlapped in a random manner all the exposures throughout each entire roll of film. Sections of overlapping images from different film rolls were chosen to be linked together end-to-end—creating one extended photograph that allowed an event to unfold.


My approach was influenced by Surrealism, Dadaism, and Cubism, and literary symbolism.


I used the unpredictable element of unplanned overlapping in the style of the Dadaists  and the multi-angled, repetitive shapes of Cubism to produce movie-like, highly-dramatic images similar in feel to the ones the Surrealists employed.


The symbolism I used was not necessarily iconic in nature—really mostly personal symbols. (White orchids represent guardian angels in my mind.)



Through to the use of repeated elements, each photograph displays an implied chaotic movement and a sort of visual stuttering–groping for words or, maybe, understanding. The results of this unplanned overlapping technique are sometimes surprising—often awakening in me buried memories and giving me insight into the nightmare of my early existence.


During the making of this cathartic series I began to have more contact with my emotions—-truly a welcome relief. I am now beginning to understand more clearly and to emotionally respond more profoundly to the healing revelations of the images.



The final image archival inkjet prints have an intimate scale of 8″ high by 40+” wide.





Hiding     Recognition