NOT MYSELF: A Path to Transcending Trauma

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Perseverance, 2007, 22”x28”
Near Death Experience, 2007, 22”x28”
Becoming the Light, 2014
The Return, 2008, 22”x28”
Longing, 2007, 22”x28”
Remembering to Breathe, 2007, 22”x28”
Abandoned, 2009, 22”x28”
Withdrawn, 2010, 22”x28”
Despair, 2009, 22”x28”
Becoming Visible, 2007, 22”x28”
Incubus, 2007, 22”x28”
Shift in Perception, 2009, 22”x28”
Realization, 2012, 22”x28”
Soul Retrieval, 2010, 22”x28”
Discovering Divine Flow, 2012, 22”x28”
Turning Point, 2012, 22”x28”
Aligning with Truth, 2013, 22”x28”
Finding Clarity, 2014, 22"x28"
Authentic Alliance, 2014, 22"x28"
Eternal Essence, 2009, 22”x28”