Image Statement – Near Death Experience

  To me this image was always about hope of overcoming an impossible situation—like transcending death.   A number of years after taking this image, it was suggested to me that I might have had a near-death experience. Not understanding exactly what that was, I did some research on the subject. I was able to confirm, through personal work similar to hypnosis, that I had indeed had a near death experience as an infant.  In retrospect, I realize that this image had attempted to reveal to me the buried secret that I had truly had a near-death experience, and that it was at the core of the traumas I had undergone.   In this series I focus on the ramifications on my life of my near-death experience and on my path to transcending an “impossible” situation.  


 A print of this image was purchased by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


My Path to Healing