Fine Art Photography to free the soul


Installation of NOT MYSELF: A Path to Transcending Trauma


Your vision will become clear only when
you can look into your own heart.


Each of my photographic series discloses to what degree, at that time, I was able to look into my heart for my own healing.


My sorrow over what happened during 911 bumped up against my own personal, buried grief. A vague melancholy—barely beneath my awareness—began to show itself in the images of my first series TRIUMPH OF THE SOUL.


During the eight-year period of making the self-portrait images for NOT MYSELF: A Path to Transcending Trauma, emotional responses to my whole life began bubbling up to my consciousness.   I was fascinated by a curious sense of comfort as each image allowed emotions to surface in me—even if only slightly.


Put on hold until I was truly ready to delve into the depths of my own heart, my cathartic self-portrait series STAGES OF HEALING afforded me more contact with my own emotions—truly a welcome relief. I am now beginning to understand more clearly and to emotionally respond more deeply to the healing revelations of the images.


My newest series TOUCHING HEAVEN focuses on the gentle “correction of my own heart” as I seek peace in my life through embracing ancient, spiritual wisdom.


Collectively, these uniquely unconventional series of dramatic, soul-searching images offer the viewer a glimpse into the breaking of my heart and mending of my soul.




…haunting, enigmatic, gorgeous, and disturbing images…a keen personal meditation on the act of processing trauma…one of the best interpretations on this theme I have ever seen…

review of NOT MYSELF from LensCulture